Frequently Asked Questions

We are able to help with the following and other conditions.

FEES & PAYMENT Our fee structure: Initial Consultion & Treatment - £55
Osteopathic Treatment - £45
Acupuncture Treatment - £45
Physiotherapy Excercise & Rehab -£45
Combined Osteopathic & Acupuncture - £50
Sports & Deep Tissue Massage - £60 (45 min)
How can I pay for treatment? Treatment is charged on a per appointment basis. Payments can be made by cash, cheque or by bank transfer.
I cannot attend my booked appointment. Will I be charged? Provided at least 24 hours notice is provided there will be no subsequent charge.
OPENING HOURS & AVAILABILITY What are the practice opening hours? The clinic is open Mon-Fri 8am until 8pm, Sat 8am until 1pm, Sunday closed.
How soon can I have an appointment? We can normally arrange with you for your first appointment to take place within the week.
Do you have free off-street parking? The practice is a quiet area in Longthorpe with ample free off-street parking.
Do you have disabled access? Our clinic is at ground level with ample off-street parking and has disabled access.
Can someone come and treat me at home? In-clinic treatment is preferential. However where the patient is house-bound or unable to attend for some other reason; a local arrangement could be made.
ABOUT THE APPOINTMENT Will I be treated on my first visit? An initial appointment will normally incorporate both the consultation and a treatment session.
How long does an appointment last? Initial appointments usually last for 1 hour. Follow up appointments usually last around 30 mins.
Do I need to bring anything with me to my appointment? If the patient can bring any medical reports and/or imaging that they have available, this would be advantageous during diagnosis.
Can I bring a chaperone? Yes of course. We are always happy to have an observer.
Should I tell my doctor that I am seeing an osteopath? We often receive referrals from GPs for conditions such as chronic pain and arthritis. It is always advisable to inform your doctor so that your medical records remain up-to-date.
ABOUT THE TREATMENT How will I know which is the best treatment for me? You will undergo a physical evaluation (examination) to diagnose, treat your condition and providing integrated advice on your diet and lifestyle. A typical consultation comprises of the identification and treatment of these biomechanical disruptions, using gentle hands-on techniques, as well as lifestyle and nutritional modifications to restore homeostatic balance of the body.
Are there any conditions which can’t receive treatment? There are some pain related conditions, where we can only help and not heal (e.g. congenital problems e.g. scoliosis or hyper-mobility). Under such circumstances treatment will be designed to help mitigate the symptoms of your condition. Patients should also make the clinician aware if they are pregnant or are suffering from any acute conditions.
Is treatment suitable for everyone? Patients under the age of 16 will need their parent or guardian in attendance. There is no upper age limit. Palliative care is also possible for pain management.
Is treatment safe? As a part of the consultation and continuously during treatment, any potential contraindications will be determined and will guide the nature of your care.
Can I help myself? By seeking treatment, you are already helping yourself! As most of the time you are not receiving direct hands-on treatment, during this session you are also provided with a 'take-home' direction of treatment to follow in order to rehabilitate yourself.