The following treatments are available from our experienced healthcare professionals.



Osteopathic treatment is determined by the needs of the ‘whole person’ and not just the evident complaint. The appropriate treatment is defined responsively, to the patient as an individual, following close observation and attentive listening to the Patient’s particular circumstances and needs.


This is assisted by being able to take place in a more relaxed and less time constrained environment than is possible within other sectors of the medical profession. Procedures often comprise of around 50% hands-on manipulation and treatment, with the remainder being composed of prescribed exercises and lifestyle management advice.


Osteopathy is designed to regain and build on the functional ability and natural range of movement of the body. Often the sooner treatment occurs following the onset of symptoms the easier progress will become. Treatment usually also encompasses neural rehabilitation, unwinding the psychological trauma of injury or illness and unlearning movements and behaviours caused by fear avoidance.


Osteopathy is also a particularly appropriate treatment for recovering from long standing or complex physiological symptoms. It provides a managed recovery with measurable outcomes, for example using pain scores to monitor incremental improvements in joint range of motion and muscle flexibility. Demonstrable improvement can often rapidly seen from even from long-standing conditions.

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The core principle of modern physiotherapy is the prevention of muscular atrophy and physiological degeneration, through the use of muscle manipulation and specific rehabilitating excercises.


Sports massage falls under the physiotherapy umbrella and is a gentle treatment to release and elongate the muscles and enhance the movement of the joint, increase the range of motion, purely physiologically to make people better.


There are specific exercises for all conditions and types of pain. These are specifically tailored to meet your circumstances, maximising the benefit achieved by each exercise. Exercises will be adapted for all current degrees of impairment and may also include those targeting systemic health improvements


With physiotherapy, benefit is typically highly cumulative i.e. the more closely you follow your specific program the better your prognosis and clinical outcome. Physiotherapy treatments available include: Massage therapy, Sports Massage, Deep-tissue massage, Neuro Physiotherapy & Respiratory Physiotherapy

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Acupuncture has a centuries old lineage within China and is recognised by the NHS.


Currently the National Institute for Clinical Health Care and Excellence only recommends considering acupuncture for chronic tension type headaches and migraines (2018).


Acupuncture is also offered by our clinic to treat musculoskeletal conditions (including chronic generalised pain, joint pain and postoperative pain) as well as neurological, psychological and number of other conditions. Our specialist Dr Chen (B.Sc Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine) trained in China and has over 20 years’ practice experience in this field.


Following initial consultation and diagnosis of the root cause you will normally undergo treatment on a weekly basis as determined by your treatment. Treatments available include: Medical acupuncture, Chinese Acupuncture, Five-Element Acupuncture and Dry Needling Physical Therapy

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Traditional Chinese Medicine


Through our highly experienced specialist Dr Chen we are also able to offer Traditional Chinese Medicine either as a individual treatment or to compliment and augment other therapies you may be following. TCM can also be particularly useful, where other more traditionally Western medicine approaches have proved insufficient


The ancient foundations of TCM are extensive and complex and sometimes hard to understand from a Western perspective.


The application of Traditional Chinese Medicine focuses on improving your well-being through the bringing together of your body’s anatomy and psychology A common realisation of this may for example start with improving energy levels and relaxation through anatomical breathing techniques Treatments available also include Chinese Herbal Medicine, Tuina Therapy and Cupping

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